Early in 2008, I went from testing recipes in my home kitchen to leasing a commercial one. I wanted to know if I had a product that was worthy of selling. That following summer, I sold my tamales and salsa to the public at the University District Street Fair in Seattle WA. Garza Foods was born!

The next 5 years were spent in a pop up store front location perfecting my craft. By further developing and expanding my product offering, understanding pricing from costs to profit, creating programs/promotions to increase sales and pressure testing all lines of businesses (brick & mortar, special events, direct to consumer and wholesaling), my business model the ‘Acheron’ was created and fine-tuned.

The ‘Acheron’ is a support model designed to allow a small business to perform and function like a large corporation in four key areas: Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Operations and Legal.

In April 2013, I had an opportunity to move back home to Texas, where I was certain that my adventure in the food service industry was over. However, I discovered that the majority of food establishments that I was working with overcharged for the quality of food they were selling to compensate for lack of cost analysis. To ensure that I was capturing all of my expenses and then competitively pricing my products, I developed a Recipe Ingredient Calculator (R.I.C.) and Menu Item Calculator (M.I.C.).

The ‘new’ Garza Foods finally opened for business near the Medical District in January of 2016 and closed December 2018. Due to road construction impacts beyond any control, I made the business decision to not re-new my lease in May 2018. During that short time, I introduced a successful fast casual food concept to Dallas, learned the importance of supporting the local economy, maintained a 4.5 star rating on Yelp and was recognized by the Dallas Observer as a new up and coming restaurant of 2016.

Joe Garza is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BBA in Finance. He is a proven financial professional with over 12 years of experience in banking; consumer packaged goods, waste management, information technology and owned a small business. Organizations in his tenure include: Bank of America, Diageo, AT&T, Republic Services, Microsoft and Garza Foods.